Atlanta Locksmith Services (ReKeying)

What Does "Rekeying" Mean?

Amerigo Locksmiths provides you with rekeying service - it is adapting tumblers of your lock so other keys (other than your new key) are useless in the attempt to open your improved lock.

"I can't find my keys, I misplaced them! I need a locksmith near me!" - don't panic, because with rekeying we will remake your lock to become unable to be opened with the old keys. Our range of services is wide - we install numerous kinds of locks. Either if it's deadbolt locks, a lock cylinder, lock set safes... You name it, and we do it at Locksmith Atlanta.

What is a master key?

Wouldn't it be the easiest and most convenient thing to have only one key that opens all the doors of your home/apartment, or office? Yes, you can replace all these heavy keys with only one and simplify your life.

With master key we will provide you with a pair of keys to unlock one lock. It is so easy to use because you need one key to open all doors but you can also adjust the entry to some certain places you want. It is adjustable how it suits you. This is also a top notch security lock system. This system can be installed anywhere with a certain amount of similar locks: a residence, hospital or an office building.

We provide this service at Atlanta Locksmiths so you can adjust master system key to any area of your residence so you can easily access it with only one key.

Rekey - Very important warning:

When you decide to take this step, you will have to be aware of the fact that if you lose your keys, it will be so easy to fix. The bigger the trouble - one key can open almost ALL LOCKS. Even if someone copies the serial number of your key, any locksmith would easily duplicate it. After it was rekeyed, And then you will find yourself in the "enchanted circle" of rekeying. Assess your needs carefully, so there won't be any regrets.

Make your life simple and easy with rekeying and installing master system key. Call us right now for any additional information about this service at 678-905-0049

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